About Project Portal ddms, inc.

About the Project Portal

Project Portal is a powerful yet intuitive cloud-based internet application developed specifically for use by environmental industry professionals. Project Portal brings together data, documents, schedules and team members to a common meeting place where users are offered intuitive tools to access and manipulate project data. This approach to project coordination has been proven to significantly increase the speed and reliability of which data and documents are distributed and organized for access by authorized personnel. Users can turn to one centralized "web-place" to find all project related documents, the most recent lab EDD results, a list of contact information for everyone related to the project and any other important project information.

Project Portal contains various small applications or "Modules", each designed to perform a specific set of related utilities for end users. Different projects require different combinations of Modules depending on the specifics of that project. If a Module is not needed in a Project, it is simply turned off so that users cannot see it.

The Project Portal includes the following tools:


Document Management

View, download and/or post project documents into Project Portal's secure document management system. All project documents are backed up nightly.

Project Schedule

View and post project schedules, meetings and milestone goals on your group Project Calendar.

Environmental Data

Access historic and current environmental data through Project Portal's environmental data query interface.

Maps (Geographic Information System)

Access the Project Portal GIS to spatially explore the project site. Users are also able to create their own custom maps which may be exported as Adobe PDF files and shared with others.

Data Logger

As a separate Tablet PC client application, Data Logger is a powerful extension of Project Portal system. It allows users to collect field data through the use of custom Data Logger forms, then wirelessly upload them into the Project Portal database. Data are then vetted by an authorized user before they are ultimately committed to the master environmental database

Project Tables

Access custom project databases specifically created by other project users to share important information. Depending on your user level, you may be able to create new databases so that you can share data with other authorized Project Portal users.